Our Story

Soft launch late 2017

Founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and developer Andres Vargas, alongside co-founder and fellow software developer Matthew, released the initial version of the Swiftleads platform to a select group of users in late 2017. This collaboration marked the beginning of a journey fueled by continuous feedback and improvements. Under their joint leadership, Swiftleads evolved into a powerful tool, greatly enhancing the online success of business owners who integrated it into their operations for effective SEO and SEM strategies.

Andres initially conceived Swiftleads as a solution to his own challenges; the process of setting up new websites and communicating with clients about monthly results was both time-consuming and laborious. Matthew, bringing his own unique expertise and vision, played a crucial role in refining the platform's capabilities and user experience. Together, they focused on simplifying complex tasks for their users, allowing for an easier management of online leads and a clearer understanding of website analytics through user-friendly tools.

After nearly two years of dedicated development, the soft launch of Swiftleads marked a significant milestone. The platform now empowers users to expedite the process of creating unique and performance-driven websites from scratch, as well as to effectively manage and monitor their online leads. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for tracking the online performance of each website, encompassing aspects like call tracking, online inquiries, keyword tracking, and much more.

This joint venture between Andres and Matthew has not only revolutionized the way users approach website development and online lead management but also set a new standard in the industry for effectiveness and ease of use.


The mission for Swiftleads is to provide a tool for digital nomads and agencies to better manage their online portfolio and provide impart more constructive and substantiated feedback to clients with live online results. With the soon-to-be release of Swiftleads Education, the hope is to close the gap for any type of freelancer who lacks the skills of technical web development, SEO or SEM. Swiftleads will provide a new way so that anyone can work on their own terms with a complete all-in-one digital solution. You can never stop learning through education.